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Mr. Anakar oversees development and management of the company’s operations throughout the country.

Mr. Anakar has over 30 years of management experience in the hospitality industry. His experience and management expertise are in restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, sports bars and adult entertainment venues. 

Growing up in the hospitality industry, his first job, at 16, was as a waiter at an upscale Mediterranean restaurant and bar in Houston Texas owned by his family. He quickly demonstrated an aptitude for the hospitality industry, he joined a hotel management company that also owned restaurants and nightclubs. Soon he was promoted to district manager of the chain and began to travel throughout the United States, overseeing multiple locations. In 1998 he became an operating partner of a houston based company, which owned and operated nightclubs in Texas. Few years later a subsidiary of Rick’s Cabaret bought a controlling interest in the company, and Mr. Anakar was invited to join the Rick’s team.  Since then he has developed, launched and oversaw the operations of numerous successful venues for the company.

Ed Anakar: Team
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